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img001Quality Assurance
Our Quality Control Program enables us to work in the most productive and cost-effective manner possible. We do this by involving our commercial cleaning technicians in the process, measuring quality and communicating results. Our program improves our technicians’ efforts and returns increased value to our customers. We do this by:

  • Quality control through inspections
  • Ensuring satisfaction through communication
  • Customizing our Quality Control Program to fit your needs
  • Performing regularly scheduled inspections to determine the quality of the work and to solicit feedback from occupants
  • Providing customer driven solution Training
    HAN Cleaning is committed to ensuring all of our clients receive consistent and reliable service. As a result, all of our Service Care Providers must complete a comprehensive operations training program. This program reinforces the high standards HAN cleaning is know for, as well as efficient cleaning techniques and an award winning service experience.HAN professionals will:

    • Be accessible to you and demonstrate quick response times to all inquiries
    • Conduct periodic audits of the cleaning operations
    • Monitor cleaning operations

    Ensure that service care providers are properly trained